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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Do I need to have something to donate to the Swop Shop in order to receive items?

No you do not need to make a donation in order to make requests for items.  The only criteria to receive an item from us is that you need it.

I need some uniform, how do I make a request?

Simply contact us through our Facebook page or our email address.

I have some items to donate, how do I get them to the Swop Shop?

We have collection points listed, you can drop off uniform at these places. 

If you could help us by adding to our collection sites, please get in contact - we are looking for collection points across Birmingham.

Does the Swop Shop make any money from items donated?

Absolutely not - All items are free to anyone who requests them. 

The Swop Shop does in fact cost money to run, this is funded by the Swop Shop team.  If you would like to make a financial donation it would certainly help us extend our reach to more families across Birmingham - please get in contact!

I work in a school that is interested in getting involved, what do we need to do next?

Simply get in contact with us and we can provide more information.
Donations of lost property really help, so if you have any let us know!

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