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Figures cover period July 2020 to January 2022

No swops needed, no questions asked!

The Swop Shop is intended to help families and the environment, by providing free preloved school uniforms, reducing waste. 

Absolutely anyone is welcome to use and donate preloved clothing.  Please help us to continue to help as many families as possible.  Why throw your uniform away if it is in a good condition? 

Uniforms can be expensive, family circumstances can change and sometimes keeping your children clean and warm can be more difficult than you'd ever imagined.

People have been extremely generous, and enabled us to help families access uniform they need - some families would have not been able to provide their children with warm winter coats, shoes or even cardigans and jumpers without the community's help.  

Something you need??

Get in contact either through the website or our Facebook page and we will provide it, if we have it!

Support us to continue providing this essential service

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