Birmingham City Council have hundreds of properties that have been vacant for a number of years - many of these are in poor states of repair, having been left to rot.  

Despite working with the Council for the past 9 months and being told they had a building we could use - they have now made a u-turn and are suggesting they have nowhere.  The building we were waiting to move into is apparently in too poor a condition after being left empty (serving no benefit to the residents of Birmingham).  

When these buildings fall into disrepair, it is ultimately the residents of Birmingham who foot the bill.  Not only are the buildings not being used to add social value to residents, but are costing them money in the process!  Wouldn't it be better to have a non-profit community organisation occupying the building and maintaining it?

Rubery (Birmingham) Swop Shop will not be able to provide free preloved school uniform to families over the summer holidays if they do not have somewhere to operate from.  We are hoping Birmingham residents can support us by contacting their local councillor and asking them to provide a premises so the service can continue and #StopTheRot of buildings that is currently occurring.  

If you are not sure who your local councillor is or you would like to support in some other way, please get in contact with us at 

Please spread the word & #StopTheRot